A New Project


So, making games are hard.  I’m not giving up on Knight of Time, but it’s paused due to cash flow.  Everything boils down to money in the end, right?

But I’m currently working on a new project.  It’s called “Project-R” for right now and it’s headed to your Android phone.

It’s the not-so-historical simulator.

Here’s the exclusive first picture.


It’s rough because I’m just starting out, but it’s going to be a cool little time waster.

If you want to follow development, you can through this public repository.

Posts will continue until you decide to give me back my money, Greg.

The Book & The Wizard

So, a while back I posted about how I wanted to implement a camera system.  And I did.

Knight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_12 PMKnight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_18 PMKnight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_39 PM

All three of these images are from the same room (a test room, featuring trees at the boundaries of the old screen, a treasure chest, and just an array of random land tiles).  In comparison:


Is only one screen big and warps you when you reach the edge.

So now we can have maps larger than one screen.

What we do right now in terms of rendering is render the entire thing (which won’t be that bad of a performance impact, since most maps are going to be smaller in size, this is not GTA), and then we move the map around AND the player when the player move.

Notice the player is off center.  That will be fixed soon.  Now it’s time to redo our maps.

Dear Diary

Dear diary,

I am still working on this project.  So far, I’ve implemented an advanced debugging feature, and enhancements to battle.  I also implemented a new menu option that’ll allow you to see story summaries.

I’m still hard at work, and once I get pretty pictures of things I will show them.


Team 2600


I removed Knight of Time off the Windows store because I had a revelation that my plan to perpetually update may be unfeasible.  I am also planning on updating the graphics and the music, so it might be unique.

I will upload a new demo in a few months with the new graphics, and even better it will be a more true representation of the game.

Finally, the game will be released when it’s finished for a free or minimal price.  No IAPs or anything, pay only once.

So, I’m sorry for the false representation.  Hope this will amends things soon.  I will continue to post updates to this blog.


Team 2600

It’s Elementary My Dear BZZZBZZZ DROP THE BASS

‘Sup?  We might be on the Windows store, but we’re already working on our January update and got a few things to show you.

First of all, we are upgrading the graphics of the cards to be somewhat more pretty to look at.

ps-new-cardsThere is one more bit of information added to the cards.  Do you see what it is?  The little colored jewel in the corner?  That leads us to our next topic of conversation, elemental affinities.

This was planned to be in the game, but was moved out when testing took longer than I thought.  Basically, enemies have affinities to elements and so do certain attacks.  Some elementals are weak to each other, some are not.  Here is a list of elements.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Physical*
  • Electric
  • Machine
  • Poison

Physical is a special element, because it has no weaknesses or strengths.  Only attacks can be physical, but not enemies or armor (when it is implemented).

So, that jewel will tell you what element each card is, and in battle, the attack’s name will be in that elemental’s color.

Armor affinities hasn’t been implemented yet, as that is due for the February release.

The nice thing about this feature is that all of this is easily configurable in the data files, so adding, removing or tweaking an element’s weakness or a strength can be easily done.

The Happiest Day

So, we are officially in the Windows store (at least in 24 hours).  You can find us here.

This blog post will mostly be about what this game is, and its future.

This game doesn’t have a lot of content.  It’s just a sample.  Until at least maybe Book 2 or Book 3, it won’t have an hour of content.  It’s the type of game you go back and play after every update for a bit.  If you want to wait till the game is complete, it’s never going to be “complete” in the traditional sense.  The first cycle of story might be done, but there will be features added and changes made.

That brings us to our current update cycle.  Right now it’s going to be monthly, but depending on how fast the updates go, it might be sooner, or have book contents be monthly and QoL updates be biweekly.  All of this is in the air, as we have to learn the best way to create these updates.

Right now the first update, slated to be released in the middle of January, is more of a catch up update.  Adding content and features we couldn’t get to in our month of initial development.  The release after that (released in February/end of January) will be even less important features from the sample development but also setting the stage for Book1.  Book1 right now is targetted for April, but it might be released sooner.

These next few months are an experiment on how well we can update the game, create content and whether we should even do massive book releases or smaller releases per patch.  After these next few months we will focus on increasing retention by creating much more side content, side quests and even an online PVP mode.

All of these are coming, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!  This will be a wonderful experience for all of us, because we will all learn something from this.  We will learn how to manage our content and be transparent, and you will learn the adventures of Joan, and how she’ll escape her little predicament.


Lucy Hill

Team 2600

An Interview with a vampire (:[)

Knight of Time 12_26_2017 10_20_31 AM

Final Fantasy II had an interesting mechanic where you can learn words from NPCs and parrot back to other NPCs.

While we’re not using that system, we are sort of using a similar system that was probably implemented in some games.  See the above bit of text that King Dino III tells you?  There are yellow words in his dialog.  Click those, and it gives you a bit more text about that particular subject.  In a way, you are interviewing NPCs.

Adding this feature sort of created an overhaul of sorts on how we display text.  Originally, in each event, the text existed as a hardcoded string.  Now this text is a key to corresponds to text in a conversations data file (not named right, as there exists text such as “Found a tonic!”.

This allows for deeper interaction with characters, and allows you to learn the setting in a deeper way.