Doki Doki Panic Literature Club World Universe

A lot of progress has been made but not exactly anything that I can show off that easily.  I’ve mapped out the sample map, sample items, sample enemies and sample attacks. (I still need to do sample bosses and some story themes going around.  I’ll share those later.)

I also created a debug screen.  I roped in a coworker to help me test the game, and thought this would be useful for reporting issues.


The debug screen returns the current room’s key (which is how we retrieve it from data), as well as the definition of the current room.  This definition includes what tiles it loads, npcs, music, player Start, etc.  When you bring up the screen, your HP gets healed.

The first town has been created, and in the sample it is a short hop away from where you start.  There are about fifteen NPCs there, including one that you must battle and you’ll go into a boss battle with.  However, talking to him will unlock the rest of the sample – otherwise, you’re basically stuck.

When talking to the non playable characters, you’ll see a few streams of plot come up.

  • Something that used to be part of their daily lives has fallen on the wayside for a particular reason.  You don’t hear about it though.  This important NPC tells you that they’ve been doing this thing, but getting no result from it.
  • An evil kingdom have been taking away land from small towns, and this particular town is scared that they’re next.
  • People have been doing weird things, like attacking each other and even eating each other.
  • People in this small town have been disappearing on their way to work.

In the sample, you’ll figure out the last point, and you’ll see a particular reason for the first bullet.

The full game will resolve all these plot lines.

And I don’t really know what else to say.  Really, we’re going to be focusing more on getting the map and things ready before working on the engine again.  There is a lot of work to do.  Shops need to be implemented, an actual leveling system needs to happen.  Random encounters and switches and getting items from chests.



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