Blueprints to a Better Day

It’s another day where I can’t show anything…hahaha, sorry that was a lie.  I spent the last day working on UI enhancements and fortunately, UWP makes that really easy, as all UI improvements are simply just changing a component’s CSS.

We’re at the last stage of development for the sample, which mostly consists of balancing various encounters.

But let’s talk UI improvements!

Here is the new title screen.  We have our team name there, we have a revision number next to the Build name, and we have a fancy new “logo” for our purposes.

We also made a lot of changes to dialog.  Here’s the old dialog box:


It’s kinda blah.  Oh, and this NPC doesn’t exist in the game anymore, neither does this map, if you’re curious.

Here’s the new one, which is a lot more prettier:


We’re using a new font that is easy to read and we feature a nice gradient in the background.  Finally, the box has a border.

We added a similar treatment to the subscreens that you get to via the in-game menu, which makes the game look a lot more clean.


Here is the config menu, which is probably the worst one to start off in, since it’s nothing but the sound volume right now, but one day will include difficulty and color options.


The equipment screen which is still bare bones, but still looks a lot nicer.


Item screen looks much nicer.  We will probably change the font color in the right pane.


Status menu’s text color will probably change at some time.

Debug menu is not shown because…that’s private information!

We also applied this treatment to battles.  Here is the old battle subscreen.


It’s very Dragon Quest I.


It’s very…that boss from Kirby Superstar that makes fun of these type of games.  Notice the HP counter is below the pane itself.  That will be fixed – there are some changes that need to be on this screen.

And the biggest change of all…

Here is your old player sprite:


(She’s the blondie near the center.)

Here’s the new one:


(She’s the brunette near the center)

The reason for this change was that the old sprite had tattered clothing, and I’m inept at art design and couldn’t even put her head on another sprite.  However, I did have this other sprite available (who was actually supposed to be an NPC), and she looked…knightly in a feminine manner.

That’s it for today!  I’ll probably not be posting a lot, because balancing changes are hard to really report about, but if there are any other changes, I’ll report them.


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