test test test 123

The game is nearly ready for it’s soft launch!   Here is all that is left.

  • end to end testing
  • help page

So, end to end testing  is basically playing what is available of the game from start to finish.  I did it about an hour tonight, got about half way through and found a lot of bugs and things to fix.

The help page is something that is needed, and will basically describe the game in detail.  It will be replaced in the future by a much more comprehensive help system, but right now it gives you some idea about how to play.

The goal is to get this onto the Windows Store by 12/27, which is extremely achievable.

When the game releases, what will happen then?  This is not a one and done type of deal.  The plan is to keep updating the sample with new features (on the road map is saving/loading and conversations…the reason why saving/loading isn’t in the first release of the sample is because the sample is a short game, you shouldn’t need to save and load), and eventually add BOOK 1.  Yes, the sample is merely a prologue to the actual game.  The story in the game will be told through books that are released once a quarter.  Between each book will be new feature, tweaks, balances, etc.

Instead of doing the typical versioning system (as in v.4.0.4000), we’re going to just refer to each version of Knight of Time as a four digit number.  The higher it is, the more recent it is.  The differences between each number would be the weight of the features added to it.  So, the differences between 1001 and 1002 are pretty minimal, but the differences between 1400 and 1900 would be more substantial.

The first release will be in January and is slated to contain a bunch of under the cover work, as well as the conversation system.  February release will have save/load and the ability to discard cards in battle.  Your first book release is in March, which will, depending on availability have new graphics and work.  Beyond April, comprehensive help system, and a few more surprises.

And remember, you will be able to access the world of Knight of Time for free on Windows 10.  No matter what changes we do or make, that’ll never change.




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