Alit afir aice amut arub (January Release Preview)

(These are some of the A* spells you get in Final Fantasy.  OR am I calling on a demon to possess you?  HMMM.)

We are about ready to submit to the Windows store, but we ran into a little gotcha and so we’re going to submit after Christmas.  What happened was that we failed certification – not a big deal, it was mostly over UTF-8 encoding issues.  I thought they would look over it, but not really.  Then when I fixed that and when I resubmitted, they wouldn’t look at it until Christmas anyways.  But we achieved our goal!  Hooray.  I also set up as a branding thing while we wait for the game to come up.

You’re probably wondering what’s next.  I’ve talked at length about the release cycle, and I do have a release plan for the next month.  Here’s what we will be adding in the next month.  This plan is not final and might change at any time.  Things with * are more quality of life changes for the developer.

  • Tests*
  • NPC Name Display
  • Balancing and fixes
  • Conversation system
  • Elemental Affinities
  • Alert for level ups
  • Advanced Debug*
  • Better looking cards

Today, I’ve started working on Tests and Branch switching.  Tests is simply write tests against the code.  It’s…going to be a lot of trouble, and I might have to wait to do this after I make some major infrastructure changes.  The problem was that in the haste of getting this product out the door, I did not design the infrastructure of the engine very well, and as a result, it is difficult to test without mocking up a whole visual infrastructure.

So it might just be that new functionality need tests, but existing functionality won’t until the infrastructure changes.

NPC name display will display the NPC’s name in a system wide manner.

Balancing and fixing may not be there depending on what comes out of test plans.

Conversation system will allow you to question an NPC using a system similar to FF2.

Cards have certain elemental affinities meaning that using a Dark power card on an enemy with a light affinity, would do more damage.

Right now the game doesn’t tell you if you levelled up.  I totally missed that one.

Advanced debug would basically give game developers (ie me) an easier way to test the game.  Right now there’s a debug room but that won’t work as well once the game gets longer.

And better looking cards replace the crappy cards we have now with something a bit easier! Hooray!

One thing that might happen is that some of february’s items might end up being worked on January.




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