The Happiest Day

So, we are officially in the Windows store (at least in 24 hours).  You can find us here.

This blog post will mostly be about what this game is, and its future.

This game doesn’t have a lot of content.  It’s just a sample.  Until at least maybe Book 2 or Book 3, it won’t have an hour of content.  It’s the type of game you go back and play after every update for a bit.  If you want to wait till the game is complete, it’s never going to be “complete” in the traditional sense.  The first cycle of story might be done, but there will be features added and changes made.

That brings us to our current update cycle.  Right now it’s going to be monthly, but depending on how fast the updates go, it might be sooner, or have book contents be monthly and QoL updates be biweekly.  All of this is in the air, as we have to learn the best way to create these updates.

Right now the first update, slated to be released in the middle of January, is more of a catch up update.  Adding content and features we couldn’t get to in our month of initial development.  The release after that (released in February/end of January) will be even less important features from the sample development but also setting the stage for Book1.  Book1 right now is targetted for April, but it might be released sooner.

These next few months are an experiment on how well we can update the game, create content and whether we should even do massive book releases or smaller releases per patch.  After these next few months we will focus on increasing retention by creating much more side content, side quests and even an online PVP mode.

All of these are coming, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!  This will be a wonderful experience for all of us, because we will all learn something from this.  We will learn how to manage our content and be transparent, and you will learn the adventures of Joan, and how she’ll escape her little predicament.


Lucy Hill

Team 2600

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