The Book & The Wizard

So, a while back I posted about how I wanted to implement a camera system.  And I did.

Knight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_12 PMKnight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_18 PMKnight of Time 1_7_2018 12_54_39 PM

All three of these images are from the same room (a test room, featuring trees at the boundaries of the old screen, a treasure chest, and just an array of random land tiles).  In comparison:


Is only one screen big and warps you when you reach the edge.

So now we can have maps larger than one screen.

What we do right now in terms of rendering is render the entire thing (which won’t be that bad of a performance impact, since most maps are going to be smaller in size, this is not GTA), and then we move the map around AND the player when the player move.

Notice the player is off center.  That will be fixed soon.  Now it’s time to redo our maps.

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